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Tell Our Stories aims to shed light on the challenges faced by senior care suppliers and providers due to insufficient funding and burdensome regulations. We strive to humanize these issues by capturing images and narratives of those impacted by these policies, including frontline workers, nurses, administrators, residents, families, manufacturers, and suppliers to the senior care industry. We welcome individuals from all walks of senior care, empowering them to advocate for change and support the vital role of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities nationwide.

Join us in our mission to strengthen senior care by sharing your story!

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Story Ideas to Get Started

Residents & Families

Residents & Families

Local Support: How has having a senior care community nearby impacted your ability to balance family responsibilities and work commitments?

Is there a staff member in the senior care community who has significantly impacted your loved one’s experience? If so, could you share a specific example or story that illustrates the exceptional care they provide?

Nursing Home Closures:
If the senior care community were to close, what challenges or difficulties would your family face in ensuring the well-being of your loved one?



Retention: Could you share a success story or anecdote about a staff member who has been with your community long-term and how their retention has positively impacted the care and well-being of the seniors they serve?

Workforce Shortages: In the face of ongoing workforce shortages in the senior care industry, what are some strategies your community has implemented to attract and retain qualified staff?

In what ways has your community embraced technology to enhance the quality of care provided to seniors?



Technological Innovation: What are some examples of recent innovations your company has introduced specifically to enhance senior care products or services?

Regulatory Compliance: How do the costs of ensuring compliance with government regulations affect your company’s ability to invest in research and development, technology adoption, and workforce development?

Workforce Shortages: How are you incorporating new products and services to support senior care workforce shortages?

How to Submit Your Story

Raise your voice and share your story!

Using the form below, please provide basic contact information, an image or video (images and videos should not exceed 20MB), and as many details as possible to bring the story behind the photo or footage to life. 

For example, if you’re showing people in your media, please include names, the date the photo or video was taken, and how long those people have been a part of the senior living community. Use question prompts to capture quotes and include any additional details to help make this person stand out. We’re looking to highlight the special and unique attributes of senior healthcare, as well as how legislative inaction is affecting real people’s lives. 

When ready, click “Send Story” at the bottom of the form, and we’ll take it from there!

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